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Hurhur i am probably the most unrelated and unexpected person to post this, but
Ok I dont really know the details exactly except that it's 25-26 April.

But please respond!!

If you can get tickets, please enthusiastically volunteer hurhur. Ok if not i'm planning to just get it through juniors...
So i can buy for everyone if we can confirm a time/day.

How? :)

arashi // nino <33

busy week!

I'm LJing in office again!
This is a busy week in the office for everyone (not me though) cos the big (angmoh) bosses from Hong Kong regional office and UK head office are coming + it's V day this weekend so there're lots more "excitement" hurhur.
Office politics are still as crazy as usual, especially with the big bosses coming and everyone's trying to "prove" themselves :S

Tomorrow's orientation campfire! Not sure who's going back though.. Anyone?

ITS WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 ITS DA WEEKEND MANNNNNNNNN! WHICH MEANS SLEEP INS N NO ALARM CLOCK NIGHTMARE :) I really super duper dread hearing my alarm ring every morning n i'll snooze it for like 10mins, though the 10mins of sleep feels like 10secs. Omg i hate it so much. Since HC asked me to share some OL stuff, shall share some OL traits from what ive observed the past month. (OH I GOT MY FIRST PAY TODAY :D:D:D) 
1. Use tissue packets to chope seats. I mean we keep hearing about it but i nvr actually knew ppl would really do that. So culture shock, the first day i lunched with my aunties, they just threw their tissue packs on the table and i was like O.O ?????? wassup. hahaha, so noob me offered to stay there to wait for them to buy. But they were like no need la we all go buy. So haha i was like omgomg, but well had no one to share it with (at that moment) And now its alr like a habit haha.
2. Eating/snacking non stop cos you really cant stop feeling hungry/bored. So eating is the only way to slack off n be happy. And you kind of sit down 3/4 of the time u are in office, so hence u get a big butt n a belly. Damn it. 
3. Office P.o.l.i.t.i.c.s. scary.
4. Haha gossiping n bitching
5. Eat cheap. Haha first time i used discount card in kopitiam cos my aunties passed it to me. And there was a day they wanted to eat macs but i wanted subway. So i told them im going to buy subway. They were like WAH. And i was like HUH? And they said wahhhh so expensive!! But in my heart i thought subway was around the same px as macs... So they said eh earn $$ can eat more ex alr ah, i told them when i didnt earn $$ i also spend as much (or more). [Well guess we immature kids didnt realise the value of $$$] 

Okay my contribution to the class blog. Shall try to post in office haha. I always delete the temp files n history after using the comp..and i dont dare to use the comps windows messenger. So i used ebuddy ahha.  Talk to me online if u see me during work hours. Cos its a sign that im bored. See you guys soon!!!!!!
arashi // nino <33


HAHA I was just looking at our senior's blog and it was quite active o.O Does anyone still want to keep this LJ? :D Or maybe switch to blogspot or something if you all find LJ inconvenient.
Yayy post more k!! Like update about your lives right now :))

-HR (I'm typing this during work in a tiny window hahaha XD)
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windworks + shake!

hwa chong harmonical proudly presents...

windworks 2008!
26 may, 7pm,
High School Drama Centre


hwa chong chinese dance and MAD (music & dance) society proudly presents...

16/17 May, 7.30pm

do show your support for gewei, liwen, yingyi, meijie and adeline (: i will be passing the forms around next monday...or you can inform me now should you be interested.

- calvin

songs for sunshine!


apollo faculty outing - songs for sunshine
date: 3 May
venue: timbre @ substation (near the old National Lib, Dhobay Ghaut MRT station)
dress code: smart casual

theme: we get to decide the theme! "Come dressed in a theme together (sunflower, pink galore) and stand to win attractive prizes for being the best dressed class!"

yepp, those interested, inform me kay (: the earlier we settle our orders, the better seats we get (if that's an incentive!) 

- calvin



hc guitar ensemble will be holding their annual concert, esperanza, on the 26 day of April 2008 at 7.30pm.

Venue: School Auditorium
Price: $7/ticket

do inform me if u r interested.


what a tiring day... 7 to 6..

Let's see, an attempt to keep the livejournal alive.. What a irony..

Have nothing to do and checked my inbox.
Discovered this ppt about sub-prime, maybe it is good to know more about it.. Though I also don know much of what the content is talking about... LOL. You may want to check it out..
NC 16 May contain vulgarities. Haha
http://www.geocities.com/gohyuechien/Subprime_Presentation.pps (What a hassle, why livejournal don have a attach a file function, or izzit tt i dunno how to use, haiz)

Well, as for this video "Who you are makes a difference", quite touching. Check it out @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN_LPTNQEqM

Have a nice day. :)
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voices in flight oh-eight

helloo ppl..

please inform me if you are interested to go for choir concert at Victoria Concert Hall on 9 or 11 may (Friday or Sunday) at 7.30pm.

So far, we have 9 ppl going for the concert on 11th May, so uh, do show andris your support :) [classes that submit their order forms and payment, with 10 orders and above will be entitled to enter a lucky draw and stand to win $80 worth of Venezia vouchers! ]

do inform me by next monday kay! for those who have ordered, u can start making payment too ^^

- calvin